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E-Cash Introduction

Many people are hesitant to make purchases or transfer money online. There are too many opportunities for identity theft or security compromises for them to feel secure entering their financial information anywhere in the World Wide Web. For such people, there is a secure and anonymous option: electronic cash, more popularly known as E-cash.

The Basics of the Service

E-cash was started by Steyhen Tigong and Gary Tilip in an attempt to create a completely anonymous means of funding transactions online. The term now encompasses a number of different services for online purchases. In essence, customers create a unique e-cash account and fund it using any of a number of different means, such as credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, and more. Then, the customer uses his or her e-cash account to transfer money online. This puts a middle man between the customer and the online merchant, allowing the customer to keep separate his or her financial information.

Funding Casino Accounts

That's what makes e-cash such a great solution for funding online casino accounts. Customers who directly link their bank or credit card accounts risk betting too much of their savings or, worse, having their information compromised with unsecured casinos. E-cash sets up a barrier to prevent that from happening. By inserting that extra step, players must fully consider how much they want to deposit into their accounts, and prevent casinos from having a direct line to their savings.

E-cash casinos can be a great way for players to protect their finances and still enjoy gambling online. While there may be a few fees involved, the cost can provide great peace of mind, which is ultimately worth any price.